June 25, 2007

A Keys Cottage

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Richard Laurito said...

Here is a photograph that has a whole lot to say to a good listener. The choice of items, both living and not, say much about the keeper of "A Keys Cottage". It may seem an odd title at first, but once you start picking apart the subject matter, a comfortable conversation with the inhabitants would be a breeze. Keys Cottages are very slowly becoming endangered themselves. The real man made beauty of the Keys lie almost exclusively in its older architecture. (The rest being in its trees and gardens) From the smallest of cottages to the grandest old homes, there is something there that is so colorful, easy on the eye and soul, that just walking past them gives one a feeling of comfort. As the "new age" of construction chews away at the Keys, there are less and less "Cottages" to be seen. No matter how MEGA one chooses to build, very few can come close to the character and beauty offered by "A Keys Cottage".